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Vietnam, 2018

Client: Sailing Club Beach Bar and Restaurant

Sailing Club Restaurant & Bar has been Vietnam's definitive island nightlife spot since its inception in 1994. With few locations on Vietnam's tropical islands, Sailing Club presents itself as a classy restaurant throughout the day and lively nightclub by night.

Being already a star of Vietnam's beachfront destination, my client wanted to tweak the logo to look more energetic while still preserving its well-known turquoise color and "SC" insignia in the logo. Another aim was also to transform the brand to be more playful in it's marketing and visuals.

For the logo, I simply tweaked couple elements from the old logo to make it look more modern. I created a silhouette of ocean waves to surround its iconic 'SC' shape.

For its visuals, I added a new color to form a more dynamic palette and used hand drawn detailed illustrations with variety of playful ideas of sea elements.

I was given a complete liberty during this creative process. We couldn't be happier with the end result of this re-branding project.

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