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Woodlands Artbes

I'm a Visual Branding Designer with 18 years working experience in multiple markets within Southeast Asia and Australia. I am currently living in Texas, USA.

With many years of professional career in several countries and industries, I have an abundance of valuable and unique experiences. Not merely being pleasant-looking, I believe that impactful and effective design requires first and foremost a clear understanding and analysis of the diverse visual taste and preferences of each specific target audience.

Form follows Function.
Unpopular amongst fellow Designers, but my background in Architecture gives me different angle on this principle that I hold

true in all my work.

In my design planning, I dig deeper to learn about the industry and company vision, as well as the many aspects and challenges each businesses face when trying to brand and market themselves.

My artwork shouldn't be merely a beautiful ornament, but also my client's silent salesmen.

To create a successful design that positively impacts the bottom line,
I always maintain a healthy balance between aesthetics and functionality, production cost, as well as efficiency in all my work.

Ok! Enough about me and my shameless self promoting.

How about you? Is it time to craft powerful branding visuals for your business?

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