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Vietnam, 2018-2019

Client: Sailing Club Leisure Group

Inspired by Vietnam’s early 20th century Art Deco movement, Mia Saigon is the first luxury boutique hotel in Saigon that seamlessly combines the nostalgia and elegance of French Indochine with modern, understated luxury.

The goal for Mia Saigon's visual branding was to create a hotel collaterals that are not only functional but also complement the exquisite interior design of the space.

Each room of this luxury boutique hotel has their own color themes and style.


The fact that no two rooms are alike in this hotel was one of the main challenge for me; To create a versatile branding visuals that can work with various colors and interior style of the rooms.


I chose all neutral color such as black and gray as the main branding color, and added a subtle touch of art deco elements on every prints.

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