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Vietnam, 2018

Client: Sailing Club Leisure Group

#GreenFeelsBetter was the initiative of Sailing Club Leisure Group; a hospitality development and management company who focus on Vietnam tourism industry. The vision of #GreenFeelsBetter is to help protect the environment and our ecosystem. This initiative propose the use of recyclable materials for all hotel amenities that are under the management of Sailing Club Group.


For this branding, I constructed a modern visual translation of our nature. I used earth tones and naturals colors to represent things such as soil, leaves, sky, seas and rocks. These tones are rich and warm and have the potential to be just as lively and interesting as other colors. I believe these palette and its flowing shape help strengthen the main message of the campaign, while still aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


I chose kraft paper for the packaging due to the fact that they are biodegradable.

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